Social & Content Strategy

The world of social and digital is huge and full of endless opportunities. Knowing where to start can be the biggest challenge of all. At SocialSugar, we believe that defining the role of social and digital channels is the key to every successful strategy. We will help you define what success looks like for your brand, what channels to use to achieve your goals, and what the best strategy is to maintain the best presence for your business on social media.

Content Calendar Planning

If at the beginning of every week you go “so what are we posting this week?”, then there’s a problem. We think there’s a science to content calendar planning and management across channels. We can help create content pillars and engaging themes that will fit well within your wider marketing plan.

Influencer Outreach

Over $1B are expected to be spent globally in 2017 on Instagram influencers alone. Influencer marketing is only getting stronger by the minute. We are here to identify the right influencers for your brand and ensure you make the most of their creative abilities and their social reach.




Social Creative & Design

We think that not all content is created equal, especially when it comes to social media where thousands of brands are fighting for customer eyeballs within the ever so challenging attention economy of the “newsfeed”. Our job is to create thumb-stopping content that stop your audience in their tracks and deliver an engaging message to them that drives awareness, inspiration and action.

Video Content Production

Social is video, and video is social. That’s a reality, but not a scary one. Unlike traditional media, social video can come in various shapes and forms, from the 30-90 second stories, to the 15 second pre-rolls to the micro-video forms such as GIFs, Boomerangs, Cinemagraphs and Slideshows. The good news is, we do them all.





Media Planning and Buying

The days of free social reach are long gone, and there’s nothing more unfortunate than good content that’s not seen by enough people. We come up with the best distribution plan and budget recommendation for your content to reach the right audience at the right time, using the latest targeting technologies across social channels.

Performance Management & Reporting

The challenge of reporting on the real business value of social media and articulating a measurable ROI has been going for years. Our job is to create simple dashboards and campaign reports that help you understand the impact of your social activity on brand awareness, consumer engagement, and conversion.





Campaign Deployment & Management

Scheduling, publishing and monitoring campaigns on social can be a time consuming, and often confusing task, especially if you’re working with different channels at the same time. Our team, publishes your content across all channels, monitors the performance, and optimises the campaign accordingly in real time.

Channel & Community Management

Social is one of very few places where a two-way conversation takes place between your brand and your customers…or potential customers. Harnessing those conversations is very important to drive positive sentiment from your audience and give your brand an approachable and authentic personality. We provide end-to-end channel and community management to help maintain positive interactions with your customers on social, while ensure your pages are continuously monitored for spam, profanity and any unwanted material