In early August this year, Instagram released “Instagram Stories” - a direct challenge to Snapchat, the popular app that is hot on the heels of the social media giants that are Facebook and Instagram.

As a millennial, it is my duty to love and worship all social apps out there. I am already an avid Snapchatter, and I consider myself well versed in the intricacies of Instagram.

When I heard the news that Instagram was releasing a new feature, I was keen to give it a go! But once I tried it out, I was disappointed. Instagram Stories are preeeeetty much exactly the same as Snapchat, but everyone already uses Snapchat. I couldn’t see the point of difference… Does this mean I have to photograph everything twice??

After letting the dust settle, and indulging in a few more Insta Stories, I breathed a sigh of relief and came to the conclusion that the two platforms are different. I don’t have to delete either of my much-loved apps, and I don’t have to photograph everything twice! By having two platforms for conversational reality – information that is shared and consumed ‘in the moment’, we are ensuring that we see an even wider variety of content that interests us.

Snapchat is a social platform for friends and close connections. It’s for funny moments, for silly moments, for day to day happenings. The photo/video that you snap instantly goes to a list of your mates. You can afford to be blasé about the content you post. 

Instagram is a social platform for beautiful things. Perfectly decorated food, exciting events, that selfie you took before that party… There is care and thought put into choosing the perfect photo to share. You are more likely to follow and be followed by brands, strangers and influencers on Instagram, so when your Insta Story is published, it reaches a much wider audience.

Snapchat is constantly releasing epic new updates, like all of their hilarious filters, and their recent collaboration with Bitmoji. I feel as if Snapchat is the new, clever company coming up with fresh, exciting ideas, and Instagram is the old dad that is trying to stay cool and copy what the youngins are doing.

Right now, Instagram Stories are cool because they’re new. I’m enjoying seeing more of an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ of Instagram photos. I’m interested to see how Instagram fares in their fight against Snapchat for ‘millenial domination’, and whether one platform becomes a designated ‘fun’ platform, and one the designated ‘serious’ one.


By Jemma Western, Account Exec, Social Sugar