What’s bad content like?

It’s a bit like a neighbour you may have met once or twice knocking on the door and immediately trying to sell you something as they invite themselves in.

They then talk about themselves in a bland way, and ask you to respond.

They might be trying to have ‘a conversation’, but maybe you don’t feel like talking.

And you wish they’d just shut up and leave.

What’s good content like?

It’s a bit like a good friend, or a someone very interesting, arriving at your door with amazing news or a funny story that means you can’t help but invite them in and listen to more.

They’re mostly always funny and their story is always entertaining.

You feel like chatting, you look forward to seeing them again and it’s only as they leave that you realise you haven’t just bought their personality, you’ve bought their brand and their product.

Our recent online content for Hubbards Toppers is, I’d like to think, an example of good even great content.

Check out ‘Lion Dog‘ – ‘Epic Wake Up Call‘.

Over 1.3 million views so far.

So is content the landfill of advertising?

Only if we turn up on our customers’ doorsteps without an entertaining story to tell.

It’s harder to do, but insisting on well thought-out, clever, entertaining content is the profitable thing to do too.