1. Social Strategy    2. Media Planning & Boosting    3. Social Creative    4. Social Management 5. Social Insights & ROI Tracking


Media planning & boosting

Social is a “pay-to-play” medium. Here’s how to play smart:

The bad news is that to make social pay… you have to pay to boost your messages. The days of organic reach (free reach) are over – with less than 2% of your fans seeing your posts by way of organic reach.

The good news is that boosted social is now the world’s largest reach, single lowest cost medium.

We also have incredible new micro-targeting tools to reach just the right audiences – so that almost none of your media is wasted.

Here are the key media planning & boosting tools your Social Sugar team will employ to deliver the very best ROI from your precious paid social media investment:

  • A Social Strategy Matrix™ that allows you to align the right media investment to your specific business objectives.

  • Audience segmentation, data-matching, micro targeting, retargeting.

  • Integrated social with other key digital tools such as Google Search (SEM), digital display, eDM, etc.

  • Media buying, A/B testing & optimisation.