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  1. Align social strategy with business goals

  2. Make your media investment make money

  3. Multiply media effectiveness with selling creative

  4. Save time and money with smart day-to-day management tools

  5. Use insights from your communities to drive ROI even further


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Make the Most of your Moment

See how the 5 steps transformed the result in this example:



  • POS creative not appropriate for social

  • Excessive text overlay, not visible on mobile

  • Excessive messages not suitable for users low attention span on social

  • No paid media. Very limited reach

  • Minuscule engagement


  • Thumb-stopping social centric creative

  • Invitation to engage

  • Optimised for perfect visibility on mobile

  • 12x increase in reach; targeted media to tight audience around Dunkin’ stores

  • 32x more engagements


Same brand, same basic message – different creative approach. High quality creative is the secret ingredient to unfair competitive advantage in the market place. Proper social creative will drive sales today and build long term point of difference in the market place alongside valuable brand equity.

Not convinced? Think of it this way; it often takes pretty much the same time and money to create some ill-thought out copy and an average image… compared to decent copy with a compelling image. You may as well do it properly.



Dunkin’ Donuts was missing out on the huge opportunity we had in social. Now have a co-ordinated & structured approach to social – with better targeting, much better understanding of conversion & an investment that is driving real business outcomes. The Social Sugar team has a great understanding of our business objectives & are highly responsive – helping us use modern marketing tools to grab sales opportunities in a fast-changing market.

Tony Lee – Owner, Café Concepts Ltd (Dunkin’ Donuts)


We were in start-up phase – and had no social presence at all. In a matter of days the Social Sugar team applied an absolutely laser-like business focus to crack a social plan that rapidly grew our subscriber sales and established the business. They know how to make social make money.

Rob Berman – CEO, Wondermins


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