How to make sure your social media makes money

  • Answer the fundamentals before you waste money on objectives such as, “likes” or “followers” that have no direct business ROI.

  • Know how many potential prospects you have in social and what the business upside is.

  • Discover exactly what return your social investment could deliver.


Valid until 1st July 2019.


Who we work with


A Social Business Blueprint™ includes:

  • Prospect Pool Analysis™ to quantify your upside in social

  • A Social Investment Index™ to measure your current social footprint

  • A Social Strategy Matrix™ to map out investment scenarios and outcomes

  • SWOT observations on your current social presence or opportunity


the opportunity is here

Social media presents one of the biggest reach, lowest cost mediums the world has ever seen. For many businesses it is transforming their opportunities for sales and growth – and becoming a central plank of their marketing.

The problem is that the vast majority of businesses have never set out a clear expectation for what business outcome they expect from social – and exactly what role it should play in achieving that objective.

Valid until 1st July 2019.

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Dunkin’ Donuts was missing out on the huge opportunity we had in social. Now have a co-ordinated & structured approach to social – with better targeting, much better understanding of conversion & an investment that is driving real business outcomes. The Social Sugar team has a great understanding of our business objectives & are highly responsive – helping us use modern marketing tools to grab sales opportunities in a fast-changing market.

Tony Lee – Owner, Café Concepts Ltd (Dunkin’ Donuts)


We were in start-up phase – and had no social presence at all. In a matter of days the Social Sugar team applied an absolutely laser-like business focus to crack a social plan that rapidly grew our subscriber sales and established the business. They know how to make social make money.

Rob Berman – CEO, Wondermins


What we ask of you

This is an extensive report that takes time, care and effort to compile. The report takes 10-14 business days to complete. There is no obligation to use Social Sugar’s services, although we do ask you to respect our IP and keep the report confidential.

Valid until 1st July 2019.